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More Geothermal in limited space

Here is another geothermal job completed on an existing home with limited space. This homeowner decided to upgrade to geothermal. They're removing their old oil boiler and the have donated the old heat pump to habitat for humanity.

With very limited yard space this track rig is able to complete the bore holes and a carefully planned containment area keeps the job site isolated to this small front yard. This homeowner will have some grass to plant when the job is done but using this method the other landscaping is mostly undisturbed .

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GeoThermal in tight spaces

Upgrading to GeoThermal on existing homes often raises particular challenges. Access to the drilling area can be tight plus keeping the mess out of your neighbors yard is imperative.

Utilizing our GeoProbe track drill workers are able to access the back yard of the home and by carefully setting up containment the material removed from the bore hole as well as water is kept completely contained.

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