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Air Rotary Drilling
Air rotary drilling is the standard for well constructions. Drill rigs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of each project. Percussion hammer and direct rotary drilling are available in a variety of sizes ranging up to 24-inch diameter. With a fleet of 25 rigs we can provide multiple rigs at a site to expedite the completion of large scale projects.

Process Control
The required system command and control will be installed to meet the specific project requirements. Products include variable frequency drives, water level display & control, flow meters, and chart recorders.

Test Pits
Test pit excavations are provided by our OSHA trained equipment operators. Four wheel drive backhoes can provide service in difficult access areas. Available dig depths using backhoes range 12-15 feet below ground surface.

Packer Testing
A variety of inflatable packers are available in sizes ranging from 2-inch to 12-inch diameters. We offer single and straddle assemblies to offer the best discrete zone samples possible. Water level monitoring can be made available in each isolated zone during testing procedures.

Mud Rotary Drilling
Mud rotary drilling techniques can be used to advance a borehole through unconsolidated formations. Overburden drilling sizes range from 6-inch to 24-inch diameter. The drilling mud is continuously recirculated after passing through a serious of basins and a desander. Both portable mud pans and excavated mud pits are available depending upon the size of the drilling project.

Simultaneous Casing Advancement
Simultaneous casing advancement allows the casing to be advanced with the drilling tools. This technology allows the bore hole to be advanced through unstable geologic conditions. The advanced casing string also helps to minimize the intermingling of water from several different aquifers. Systems are available in sizes ranging from 6-inch through 18-inch diameter.

Remedial Chemical Injections
Pressure grouting systems are used to install the desired chemicals into specific areas of the subsurface. Commonly specified materials include permanganate, ORC, modified ORC, and HRC. The injection process can be modified to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Well Rehabilitation
We offer well rehabilitation techniques for both water supply wells and remediation extraction wells. Our methods include chemical treatments, mechanical surging, bailing and brushing. A well bore video camera inspection is recommended to assist with selecting the most effective well rehabilitation method.

Specialty Services
A variety of project specific services are provided to meet the needs of the most challenging job sites and regulatory compliance issues. Services include items such as the installation of piezometers, inclinometers, and lysimeters.

Well Abandonment
We offer both over-drilling and grout in place methods for proper well decommissioning. Both small volume and high capacity grout machines are available to meet the needs of any size project. Grout is pumped through a tremie line placed to the bottom of the well to insure that the entire well bore is properly sealed. A corresponding well abandonment record will be completed to meet the local regulatory requirements.

Hollow Stem Auger/Air Combo
A fleet of truck mounted and track mounted drill rigs are available to meet a variety of site access conditions. Rubber track units and low clearance rigs are available for indoor drilling applications. Hollow stem augers ranging from 3 1/4-inch to 8 1/4-inch inside diameter are available for unconsolidated drilling. Air rotary capability can be added to our auger rigs to advance the bore hole beyond normal refusal conditions. Projects that require borings over water surfaces can be completed using a variety of barge mounted units.

The Geoprobe fleet includes both truck and track mounted units. Both the Geoprobe 6620DT and 7822DT offer the versatility of drilling with hollow stem augers. Services include well installations, discrete dual tube soil & water sampling, soil vapor points, and remedial chemical injections.

Vacuum Excavation
Combined air pressure and vacuum system can safely and accurately locate and identify underground utilities before drilling & excavating. The air knife is used to loosen the soil while the vacuum system collects and containerizes the spoils. This process provides maximum safety for personnel on site while minimizing the risk of damage to the utility. Unit sizes range from the truck mounted Vacmaster 4000 to small trailer mounted units.

Cable Tool Drilling
Cable tool drilling services include both truck mounted and skid mounted capabilities. A truck mounted Bucyrus Erie 22W rig offers a wide range of drilling, open rock and screened well constructions, well rehabilitation, and well clean out services. A small skid mounted rig is available for drilling or well repair work in limited access areas such as inside of buildings.

All Terrain Low Clearance Drilling
Eichelbergers Inc. maintains a versatile fleet of track mounted/low clearance rigs for sites with challening access conditions. The all terrain/low clearance fleet includes the capability for air rotary, hollow stem auger and Geoprobe. The rubber track mounted units may also be used on paved surfaces to minimize the risk of damage.

Remediation Systems Installation
We offer complete remediation systems installation including pump and treat, dual phase extraction, soil vapor extraction and air sparge. Services include building construction, interior piping, trenching & piping including dual wall containment piping, process control and related electrical systems.

Piping & Trenching
Both piping and trenching services are provided using our own in house, OSHA trained crews. A backhoe, trackhoe, or excavator will be used depending upon the size of the project. Trained crews will install galvanized, ductile iron, HDPE or PVC pipe to meet your specific project requirements. We also have certified fusion pipe fitters on staff.

Construction Services
Construction includes pump houses, treatment equipment buildings, interior & exterior piping, electrical, and process control equipment. Most services are provided with in house technicians, thus avoiding the use of subcontractors and allowing better control of project scheduling.


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Latest News

Versatile track rig
shown here our GeoProbe(R) Track rig is able to safely cross a small stream to perform chemical injections on the other side.

Monitoring Well Installation
Ray and Mark running one of our Three 7822DT Geoprobe units constructing a 2” Monitoring well to 25 ft on an environmental site. The Hole was installed using 4.25” ID hollow stem augers.






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