Geotechnical services

Rock Coring

Subsurface sampling includes NQ and HQ wire line rock coring, split spoon sampling, Shelby tubes, NW casing advancement, vain sheer testing and core hole packer testing. Core samples can be boxed and labeled for transportation to the testing laboratory.

All Terrain Low Clearance Drilling

Eichelbergers Inc. maintains a versatile fleet of track mounted/low clearance rigs for sites with challenging access conditions. The all terrain/low clearance fleet includes the capability for air rotary, hollow stem auger and Geoprobe. The rubber track mounted units may also be used on paved surfaces to minimize the risk of damage.

Split Spoon Sampling

Split spoons are advanced through the subsurface to collect overburden samples. Rigs are equipped with automatic hammers for maximum efficiency. The driller will maintain a log to record the sample and corresponding blow counts necessary to complete the process.

Bedrock Profiling

Borings can be advanced to refusal in order to identify the depth to bedrock. This practice is frequently used prior to the installation of water and sewer lines to identify the requirements for trench excavations. If desired, rock coring can be used to identify the specific rock formation where refusal is encountered.

Pavement Coring

Coring services can be provided through concrete and asphalt surfaces to collect representative samples for compliance testing. Core samples will be boxed and labeled. Traffic control can be included where necessary for sampling on active highways

Statement of Qualifications



We have the extensive equipment, in-depth knowledge, exceptional skill, and experienced manpower to handle even the most complex large-scale water projects for industries and municipalities. Services include water-supply systems and supply lines, well-yield improvement, well rehabilitation, irrigation systems, and a great deal more.

We custom design and install systems to meet our clients’ specific needs, and are ready to implement all phases from start to finish, such as initial sampling and testing, drilling, construction, installation, and maintenance, as well as 24-hour on-call support.

We’ve completed hundreds of large-scale projects, and are the company of choice for many major industries and municipalities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.