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Air Rotary Drilling
Air rotary drilling is the standard for well constructions. Drill rigs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of each project. Percussion hammer and direct rotary drilling are available in a variety of sizes ranging up to 24-inch diameter. With a fleet of 26 rigs we can provide multiple rigs at a site to expedite the completion of large scale projects.

Commercial well pump installations include both submersible and vertical line shaft turbine pumps. Both shallow and deep set installations are accomplished using our fleet of hoist trucks. Both new installations and replacement pumps are available.

Water Systems
Turnkey water supply systems installation is available. Services include pump house, well pump, booster packages, piping/trenching, interior piping, water level monitoring equipment, and controls. Service is also provided after the sale.

Process Control
The required system command and control will be installed to meet the specific project requirements. Products include variable frequency drives, water level display & control, flow meters, and chart recorders.

Our pump and water systems installations are backed up by a team of qualified service technicians. On call service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our large inventory of pumps allows most repairs to be completed the same day.

Well Rehabilitation
We offer well rehabilitation techniques for both water supply wells and remediation extraction wells. Our methods include chemical treatments, mechanical surging, bailing and brushing. A well bore video camera inspection is recommended to assist with selecting the most effective well rehabilitation method.

Dewatering services include both well drilling and pump installations to control excessive water that is often encountered at construction sites. Temporary systems with pumps and generators can be provided for remote locations. Dewatering systems are tailored on a site specific basis to meet individual site needs.

Well Video Service
Bore hole video inspection includes a color picture, continuous on screen footage, and both a transverse and longitudinal view of the bore hole. Common uses include documentation of existing wells and diagnostic use for problematic wells. A DVD copy of each video is provided to the customers.

Mud Rotary Drilling
Mud rotary drilling techniques can be used to advance a borehole through unconsolidated formations. Overburden drilling sizes range from 6-inch to 24-inch diameter. The drilling mud is continuously re-circulated after passing through a serious of basins and a de-sander. Both portable mud pans and excavated mud pits are available depending upon the size of the drilling project.

Cable Tool Drilling
Cable tool drilling services include both truck mounted and skid mounted capabilities. A truck mounted Bucyrus Erie 22W rig offers a wide range of drilling, open rock and screened well constructions, well rehabilitation, and well clean out services. A small skid mounted rig is available for drilling or well repair work in limited access areas such as inside of buildings.

Auxiliary Air Compressors
Eichelbergers owns and maintains 3 high pressure/high volume auxiliary air compressors for quick delivery to job sites. Drilling conditions such as large diameter drilling or encountering large water flows often require their use.

Simultaneous Casing Advancement
Simultaneous casing advancement allows the casing to be advanced with the drilling tools. This technology allows the bore hole to be advanced through unstable geologic conditions. The advanced casing string also helps to minimize the intermingling of water from several different aquifers. Systems are available in sizes ranging from 6-inch through 18-inch diameter.

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic protection for pipe line infrastructure is provided with the installation of deep ground bed anodes. The corrosion protection system is installed by drilling a deep bore hole, installing sacrificial anodes within the bore, and then backfilling the bore from the bottom upward with coke breeze. This process minimizes the area of surface impact compared to trench excavation installations.

Over Drilling Existing Wells
Sometimes site conditions and permitting issues make it more cost effective to reconstruct existing wells. We have developed a system to drill over the existing well casing, so it can be removed and the well can then be rebuilt. Each work plan is tailored for the specific conditions at each site location.

A large selection of grouting machines are availalbe to meet a variety of project needs. From high capacity truck mounted machines to smaller portable units, we have the grouter to service your needs. Well grouting is performed by installing a tremie pipe to the desired grout depth, and then pumping the grout from the bottom most depth upward. Grouting includes both annular space grouting and well abandonment services.

Aquifer Testing
Well yield performance testing is available for both new and existing wells. Temporary test pump units ranging from 1 gpm to 2000 gpm are used for long term constant rate testing to confirm the yield of each well. A detailed log including pumping rates, water levels and visual observations is maintained to provide the most comprehensive evaluation possible.


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