Residential Service

Service is a top priority at Eichelbergers

24 Hour Emergency Service
Our residential service department offers 24 hour pump service. If you have an emergency please call 1-800-360-0660

Constant Pressure Pump Upgrades
Many customers with conventional submersible pumps ask if they can easily upgrade to a newer constant pressure pump. Our service department can assess your needs but typically a constant pressure upgrade is an easy retrofit.

Tank Replacement
A faulty or "waterlogged" tank can cause premature pump failure. Removing and replacing the old tank can be back breaking. Our service personnel can remove and replace your old tank with a brand new tank extending the life of your pump.

Well Check-Up
Protect the life of your equipment and the health of your family with an annual check-up of your water system. Our qualified technicians will check your system mechanically. Learn more at!

Well Extension (Pitless)
An old style buried well is hard to find and frequently unsanitary. A pitless extension will make your well easier to service and safer for your family.

Jet Pump Service
Older jet pumps are tricky to work on and sometimes a submersible pump is not the solution. Our service experts know jets pumps from years of experience.


Service Vans

Look for our familiar vans in your neighborhood! Our service personnell are experts in well and pump service as we specialize in submersible pump and tank service.

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Great Reviews!
Every invoice that we send out for residential service includes a postage paid customer service survey. We want to be sure that every customer has an opportunity to grade our service. Here are just a few of the comments we see. Always Reliable Service. Great Job - Very nice workers! Thank you for restoring our water on the weekend. Your staff was friendly, efficient and thorough! Nice & polite with prompt service, thank you!