Water Testing
Place water in clean drinking water bottle and bring in to our Office or schedule an appointment for one of our water quality specialist to come out to your home. If you wish to have a Bacteria test completed, you will need to pick up a special bottle from our office. .

Water Softeners
Softeners and Salt Free Softeners Hard water can cause staining and damage to your pipes and appliances due to scale. Call today to experience the advantages of having soft water. Check them out on!

Ultraviolet Sterilizers
Bacteria in water can make your family sick. Protect against bacteria with a UV sterilizer from Eichelbergers. We'll be sure to find the right size and solution. Bargain units can leave you with poor pressure, our experts will recommend the proper size.Find out more

Reverse Osmosis Units
The EcoWater Systems Reverse Osmosis units are a point-of-use reverse osmosis drinking water system that provides high-quality water for drinking and cooking. This state-of-the-art filter will improve the quality of water from wells or municipal water supply More info at

Water Filters
Our water filtration systems come in all sizes from cartridges that remove sediment to self cleaning units that backwash contaminants on their own, these systems can be specialized to your drinking water or other areas of your home. Our experts will recommend the best solution for your needs and budget.

Ecowater Treatment Equipment
EcoWater is the largest treatment manufacturer in the world. EcoWater products are the highest quality and efficiency available. Make sure you compare before you buy anything else.

Salt-free Scale Stop System
nextScaleStop converts hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals. Benefits include: Protection from scale throughout the house. No salt, chemicals or electricity required. Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions.



Free Water Test
We'll test your drinking water for hardness, ph, nitrates, iron, and total dissolved solids
Bring in your sample or we'll come to your home!



Latest News

Rascal visits our booth at the Home Show
Rascal from the Harrisburg Senators stopped by our booth last weekend and was fascinated by our water display. Thanks to all of the folks that stopped by over the weekend to talk about Water Treatment , Well Drilling and Geothermal.