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Air rotary in limited access!

Wells & Water Systems
The crew is using a Geoprobe 7822DT to construct a water supply well in an environmentally sensitive area with limited access. After advancing augers through the overburden and installing casing, percussion air rotary drilling was used to advance the hole to a total depth of 182 feet.

Commercial geothermal site

This geothermal job site is actually additional loops for a building expansion project. There are 3 areas of work happening at once including drilling on the upper section, back filling and finishing the loop field in the middle section and preparation to drill in the lower section.

Vision Statement
"Our vision....... is to develop and protect the earth’s water supply."

Mission Statement
"Our mission is to provide trusted professionals to deliver quality services and products to our customers by combining expertise and technology in the ground water industry in an environmentally safe and economical fashion, while adding long term value to our clients and our Company".

is to become the most productive and efficient water and service oriented Company in the water and environmental well drilling, remediation, and pump installation business.

Eichelbergers has been servicing the area since 1946 with Well Drilling and water services


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