Jacked up!

In order to drill a well properly it often requires a significant amount of leveling to get the rig in the right position.

Somereset crews are drilling a residential well for Daystar Builders near LaVale MD. The rear of the rig is raised significantly to get the proper drilling position.

Fresh Paint

Rig 600 recently received a fresh paint job. The rugged conditions these rigs work in aren't often kind to to the finish. As part of an effort to continually upgrade the fleet the rig was completely gone over and sent for sandblasting and a fresh paint job. Rig 600 runs out of the Somerset office Mark Howard is the operator.

Now an Eichelbergers Inc. company

Somerset Well Drilling was established January 12, 1971 as a 4 man partnership between David Griffith, Gerald Carpenter, James Long, and Robert Carpenter. The operation was originally run out of Gerald’s home with Mr. Carpenter’s wife, Betty, serving as secretary until her retirement in 2006. Supplies for the business were stored at Mr. Long’s home on the Garrett Shortcut. There were several locations considered, but the original building was constructed at its present site in Friedens in 1975. The building was expanded to its current size in 1981. For the first 4 years there were no employees other than the 4 partners. They did it all. They began with 1-T4 drilling rig, 1- support truck, and Jim’s personal pick up truck which was used as a pump truck. As the business and their reputation grew they added equipment and manpower. At the height of operation they maintained a fleet of 4-T4s, 2- water trucks, 2- pump trucks, and various other pieces of equipment, and had a total of 11 employees. Their scope of work involved everything from drilling water wells, test holes, blast holes, core drilling, pump installations and service, plumbing, and even electrical work. By May of 2003 Gerald Carpenter and James Long were the only 2 original partners remaining. In September 2007 Somerset Well Drilling was purchased and became part of Eichelbergers, Inc.





Eichelbergers Inc.

Latest Announcements
Safety Solutions Purchased by Cocciardi and Associates.
Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. a multi-office safety, health, and emergency preparedness firm with headquarters in Mechanicsburg, PA has acquired the Eichelbergers Safety Solutions business organization effective March 1, 2013. The purchase will include the current customer base relationships, including construction safety, hazardous waste operations, safety training and consulting services. The acquisition includes the Eichelbergers consulting staff. A transition team, headed by Thomas K. Hanus, CSP and VP of Safety at Eichelbergers will work with Cocciardi staff to transfer the Eichelbergers Safety group and services to Cocciardi, beginning March 1, 2013. The sale allows Eichelbergers to concentrate on their core business, including water wells, geothermal, and environmental drilling operations according to Jerry A. Rice, President and CEO. It also allows Eichelbergers current clientele access to the wide variety of services and experts at Cocciardi, without interruptions. Dr. Joseph A. Cocciardi, PhD, MS, CSP, CIH, REHS/RS Principal of Cocciardi and Associates, Inc., will act as the point of contact for the transition of services to the appropriate office locations, and/or safety, health, and environmental protection or emergency preparedness staff. " We look forward to the ability to provide value added services to our new clients" said Cocciardi, "as always, guaranteeing the quality we are known for."

Products & Services Spotlight

Somerset Well Drilling was at the Somerset Mega Show this weekend. The show was held at the Old Builders Surplus Building and rainy weather made it perfect for everyone to stop out and make their Summer building and remodeling plans. Brian and Ted talked to many new customers and friends at the show an we're thankful for everyone that stopped by to say hello!. The show was presented by
24 Hour Emergency Service
Our residential service department offers 24 hour pump service. If you have an emergency please call 1-800-360-0660



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